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Winshuttle Studio

Solutions for SAP-centric business processes

Winshuttle Studio™ enables non-technical users to work with SAP® directly from Microsoft SharePoint®, Excel® and Web Forms. By allowing end users to interact with any SAP module from familiar interfaces, and automating complex business processes without programming, Winshuttle Studio lets customers save significant time and money.

Why use it?

Realize considerable cost savings and faster ROI with SAP by enabling end-users to:
  • Interact with any SAP module from familiar, usable interfaces (Excel, Acrobat, the web, and others)
  • Automate complex SAP business processes to save time and increase efficiency
Because Studio combines four applications into a single solution, it also offers:
  • A significant discount over purchasing the applications individually
  • A simplified licensing structure

What can it do?

The Studio suite consists of integrated Winshuttle applications that help business users and IT create usable solutions for SAP-centric business processes including supply chain management, HR on-boarding, product development, purchasing, project planning, and payroll processing. The component applications of Studio are:
  • Transaction: Automate SAP data entry and improve the quality of data in your company’s SAP system
  • Query: Extract live and complete SAP data, analyze it in familiar, more usable BI interfaces—such as Excel or Access—and make timely operational decisions.
  • Designer: (included with Enterprise Studio): Quickly design, publish and maintain secure web forms that help users accelerate SAP processes.
  • Direct: Enable technical users to access SAP business APIs (BAPIs) and create easy-to-use Excel-based templates for any SAP business process.
  • Journal Entry: Eliminate manual data entry and post ledger and journal data more efficiently.

How does it work?

Studio allows companies or departments to quickly create and implement forms—in Excel, Adobe Forms, InfoPath, browsers, or other familiar interfaces—to allow users to enter and change SAP data. It also streamlines batched SAP processes, such as mass record create or change. With Studio, users can move beyond transaction-based recording, and implement scripts that use SAP Business API (BAPI) capabilities, all without programming expertise. For more information about each component application, refer to the product pages for Winshuttle Transaction, Query, Designer, Direct and Journal Entry.


If I own transaction can I upgrade to Studio?

Yes, Winshuttle offers upgrades from Transaction to Studio. Contact your Winshuttle sales representative for details.

Do I have to install any thing on my SAP system to use Studio?

Studio works without installing anything on your SAP system. However, Query offers additional features with the SAP function module installed. See Query for more details.

What part of Designer is included in Studio?

Winshuttle Designer is part of Enterprise Studio. Enterprise Studio enables companies to automate SAP business processes with forms and workflow capabilities.

How do I use Winshuttle Designer purchased in Studio?

Winshuttle Central, Winshuttle Server forms services, and Winshuttle Server transaction services must be installed in order to use Designer. These components are needed because:
  • Designer uses HTML forms that connect to SAP using web-services.
  • The forms are stored in SharePoint and
  • These products are needed to use the web-services that connect to SAP
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