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Winshuttle Query

Simplify SAP extracts and reporting

Winshuttle Query™ enables functional analysts and business users to use a familiar interface—such as Excel—to create ad-hoc reports from real-time SAP data, which can help improve a company’s operational and strategic decision making processes. Query is the perfect platform for companies that want to implement a non-technical solution that makes real-time SAP data more accessible.

Why use it?

Query satisfies governance and audit requirements by complying with organizational-level security and standard SAP table security—a notable improvement over other more limited SAP query tools such as SE16, SQVI, SQ01, SQ02, and SQ03. It also introduces the patent-pending Adaptive Query Throttling™ technology that optimizes Query performance based on the SAP system load.

With Query companies can:

  • Empower front-line employees
  • Improve decision makers’ visibility into accurate, real-time SAP data
  • Ensure and maintain compliance with standards and regulations
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Simplify mass data maintenance processes


What can it do?

Query enables users to:
  • Create ad-hoc reports based on real-time SAP data from various data sources, including tables and table joins, infosets, and logical databases
  • Use pre-built templates for specific SAP modules and find tables by transaction codes
  • Search a data dictionary by table or field name and description
  • Extract data in their preferred layout directly to Excel, Access, SQL and forms
  • Access only the data and tables that they would otherwise be permitted to access according to organizational-level and SAP authorizations
  • Optimize performance without slowing SAP system performance
  • Schedule unattended data downloads and receive email notification upon completion


How does it work?

Query enables users to extract live SAP data in a simple three-step process:
  • Select: First, the user specifies the data source, selection criteria, and output fields, creating either a custom query or using one of the pre-built templates. Once finished, the user saves the query file in .qsq format.
  • Map: Next, the user chooses the report output type: Excel, Access, SQL, or forms, and then formats the template as desired with simple drag-and-drop operations.
  • Run: After creating the query file and establishing the layout of the output, the user can run the report immediately or schedule it to run later. They can also share the query file with Winshuttle Runner users or publish it to Excel so it can be embedded and executed directly from Excel.
On the back end, the SAP Certified Winshuttle Function Module, a no cost option, provides fully customizable enhanced security allowing table and field level authorizations. In addition, the Winshuttle Function Module performs SAP server load monitoring that limits the resources consumed by Query to ensure optimal SAP system performance. Network fine-tuning is addressed in the form of query “chunking” which processes each query in smaller, pre-defined “chunks”.


What if a Tcode is not listed with its associated tables, can I add my own?

Yes, Query allows users to add and publish your own list of favorites to the Data Dictionary.

Does Query work with custom tables?

Yes. Query works with custom tables and custom fields within a standard table.

Apart from the standard SAP security and additional organizational-level security that Query provides, can I restrict the use of the tool in our SAP landscape?

Yes. Query integrates with Winshuttle Central which provides tools for administrators to implement additional governance and workflow.

Can Query extract data from structures?

No. Structures do not contain table data and therefore cannot be queried.

How does Query compare to BW?

Query provides direct access to real-time SAP data without the need for technical knowledge to set it up or use it. Moreover, Query implementation is much faster and less costly.

I am unable to use SQVI to extract data for over 1 million records, can Query help?

Yes. Query is not limited to querying a set number of records, which allows users to extract complete data sets all at once.
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