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Winshuttle Analytics

Accelerated, consistent and actionable reporting

Winshuttle Analytics™ powered by BizNet Software enables functional analysts and business users to build and distribute on-demand and scheduled reports that support the analysis of millions of data elements from SAP and other data sources. Analytics with drill-down reporting and analysis can help improve decision making processes.
Analytics is the perfect analysis tool for Winshuttle users that want to leverage the power of in-memory analytics without having to change their underlying systems and make SAP data more accessible.

Why use it?

Analytics enables functional analysts and business users to leverage the power of Winshuttle Query together with Microsoft Excel to create business reports and dashboards with drill-down reporting without any particular technical skills.

Data can be analyzed from static as well as live data sets, refreshed on demand and distributed in a variety of data formats on demand or via a schedule.

With Analytics companies can:

  • Empower front-line employees
  • Improve decision makers’ visibility into accurate, real-time SAP data
  • Ensure and maintain compliance with standards and regulations
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Simplify mass data maintenance processes

What can it do?

Winshuttle Analytics is 100% Excel-based which allows end-users to leverage existing spreadsheet expertise and workbooks. Companies can make better use of new and current queries and spreadsheets, and no longer have to rely upon a single report resource to create new reports.

Winshuttle Analytics enables users to:

  • Execute queries on-demand or via a schedule
  • Analyze millions of data elements
  • Perform analysis in Excel with drill-downs for in-depth analysis
  • Output as PDF, EPS, HTML, MHTML, XPS, CSV, XLS
  • Deliver whole workbooks or just specific sheets
  • Auto-generate reports based on selection criteria
  • Schedule alerts and define conditional delivery
  • Password protect worksheets
  • Bookmark and merge PDF files
  • Share complete reports with embedded data instantly
  • Receive timely, actionable information in the formats and by the methods they prefer

How does it work?

You start the development of your Winshuttle Analytics by building your data file for analysis first.

The data file can be the result of an existing Winshuttle Query, output from a Winshuttle Transaction BAPI or in fact data from any system.

The next step is defining the data set that you wish to analyze.

Using a combination of powerful lists and the Superfunction formula builder, you can use a combination of summing, counting and averaging items and values with de-duplication and filtering.

The intuitive formula builder enables you to leverage the Superfunction feature to answer questions that you define regarding your data set.

To distribute the workbook, specific sheets or filtered output, you simply define the criteria in a special-purpose spreadsheet that works with the Winshuttle Analytics engine and is able to generate the output in a variety of defined formats to individuals or groups of defined email addresses as defined in the workbook based on a schedule.
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